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Business Name:
Mopar Parts ArrowKing B Signs & Wonders
Business URL:
Mopar Parts Arrowhttp://www.kingbsigns.com
Mopar Parts ArrowWelcome to our truly unique collection of memorabilia signs. King B hand painted vintage style wood signs are a salute to the golden era of American sign design. All of our signs are 100% hand painted with brushes using time honored traditional techniques. We offer dozens of vintage, antiqued style, hand painted wood signs and designs to appeal to a wide variety of interests. We can create a personalized sign by adding a name to one of our existing sign designs, or craft a one of a kind antique style sign for the perfect gift! King B Signs are an affordable and genuine looking alternative to an expensive antique sign.
Company Information:
King B Signs & Wonders
Phone: (662) 386-7446
Business Hours are 9:00am - 7:00pm, central standard time,
Monday through Friday
Other Contact Information:

Mopar Parts Arrowhttp://www.kingbsigns.com/contact.php


Member Since: January 3, 2011


Type Of Products Offered:

Mopar ArrowCustom Hand Painted Retro Wood Signs
Mopar ArrowPersonalized Hand Painted Retro Wood Signs
Mopar ArrowCustomized Logos Hand Painted on Wood for Businesses

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