About The Mopar Club Connection:

About Mopar Clubs


The Mopar Club Connection is a online community built to promote Mopar Clubs and Organizations. The Mopar Ring Club Connection list is 100% comprised from clubs and organizations that are members of the internets oldest and largest Mopar Enthusiast ring. Searching the Club Connection is a great way to locate member clubs & organizations or you can list all member clubs .

If you have a Mopar related Cub or Organization web site or page, you can be a member of the Mopar Club Connection. Joining is totally free and is a great way to get more people to visit your Mopar Cub or Organization web site or page site. By using the ring navigation bar on members profile pages, it is possible to travel from Mopar club page to Mopar club page, eventually ending up back at your starting point.

Mopar Club Connection Membership Requirements:

You must have a Mopar related club or mopar related organization site or page.

You must be the clubs webmaster or person in charge of your clubs internet site.

You must be able to add a return link to The Mopar Club Connection. This link can be anywhere on your club site or page.

You must agree to and abide by the connection rules at all times.

Joining The Mopar Club Connection:

Step # 1 - Your site must meet the guidelines above; if it does not, it will not be added.

Step # 2 - Submit an application to add your site into the queue. You will receive the Mopar Club Connection member linking information during this process.

Step # 3 - Add your Mopar Club Connection member return link to your site/page. You must add your member link within 5 days or the site will automatically be deleted from the queue.

Step # 4 - When you have added the Mopar Club Connection member return link to your site/page, send an e-mail to the ringleader asking to be added into the club connection.

If your site qualifies according to the criteria above, and the Mopar Club Connection member return link is present and correct, your site will be added to the ring. You will be notified by e-mail when your site is officially added to the Mopar Club Connection.

Cruising The Mopar Club Connection:

Cruising the Mopar Club Connection is a great way to locate web sites containing information on Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Dodge Truck's including the adopted brands AMC, Jeep, Eagle etc.

Mopar Club Connection Support:

Question not answered? Need to contact the Mopar Club Connection concerning a feature or a problem viewing our site? Visit our help section for more information.

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