I have developed a selection of brackets for replacing the original single-cone dash speaker with dual 3.5? two-way speakers for all A, B, and E-body models and years. These brackets are water-jetted from 0.080? sheet aluminum and require no further finishing. They fit in the same location and use the mounting screws from the original speaker. In the following photo the style on the left fits early A-bodies ('64-'66), the middle one fits later A-bodies ('67-'76) and early B-bodies ('64-'70), and the one on the right fits later B-bodies and all E-bodies ('71-'74).

Currently, my price for each bracket is $26, shipping included to any of the US lower 48 states ($27 for Canada). I will have to calculate shipping for other locations. For multiple orders, the price after the first bracket will be reduced to $20 each. I have a form you can submit which will give me all the necessary information for you to place an order. Please go here to fill it out and I will quickly be in contact with you: Order Form

To learn more you can e-mail general questions to: moparmad57@gmail.com

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