My stepfather had passed away and left us his project cars and LOTS of parts. I do not have the time to restore these cars and do not have need all the parts. We have titles for all the cars and there are NO reproduction parts except for quarter skins for the cornet. 65 GTX, 65 Convertible, 68 Cornet 500 Convertible, 68 Cornet 4dr. Engines, K members, doors, hoods, trunks, dash pads, carbs, intakes, rear ends, transmissions, driveshaft’s, leaf springs, torque converters, glass, almost anything and everything for these cars. The 65 GTX has an engine and trans and was running a few years ago. The engine he built for it was a little strong (too much cam), but it would MOVE. He was a MOPAR mechanic and was known in the area for over 30 years as the MOPAR MAN. Willing to sell all as a lot or the cars individual. All vins are original to the cars and none were tampered with. I don’t have pictures of all the parts or the rest of the cars yet. The 68 Convertible has a bad left side front frame rail and has started to be cut out. I have the replacement one stored in a garage at my other house. All Cars are make offer. I know what they are worth so please no low balls. I am located in New Bern, NC

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