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Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Engines:

Big-Block Mopar Engines (How to Rebuild) – When Chrysler introduced the 350 and 361 “B” series of engines in 1958, they launched a legacy of performance that sparked the muscle car war of the sixties and early seventies. Within a few years, these engines evolved into the famed 426 Hemi, 413 Max Wedge and 440 Six-Pack. Dubbed “elephant motors” by enthusiasts, racers, and hot rodders alike, these big-blocks ruled the streets in Barracudas, Challengers, Furys, and Chargers. How to Rebuild Big-Block Mopar Engines is a comprehensive hands-on guide to rebuilding these motors to factory specifications.

How to Build Big-Inch Mopar Small Blocks – At one time, if you wanted big horsepower in your Mopar muscle car or truck, your choices were limited to a big-block or HEMI swap. At the very least, You might also need different engine mounts, K-members, transmissions, headers or more. However there’s another way to get more horsepower: boring and stroking your Mopar small-block to get more cubic inches — up to 476 cubes! The small-block Mopar is one of the easiest engines in which to increase displacement without extensive modifications. This book shows you how to get that big-cube power, it also shows you how to optimize your small-block’s other systems including induction, heads, valvetrain, ignition, exhaust, and more.

How to Build Max-Performance Mopar Big-Blocks – Starting in the early 1960s, Mopar Wedge engines powered a wide range of Chrysler muscle cars, such as the Dodge Charger, Daytona Charger, Super Bee, Challenger, as well as Plymouth Barracuda, Superbird, Road Runner, GTX, and others. This book covers how to build Mopar’s 383, 400, 413, 426, and 440 ci engines to power levels of 600 to 900 hp. This volume discusses all the stock modification options, the best setups, selecting the right machine work, the latest aftermarket options for producing huge horsepower, and building stroker engines.

How to Rebuild the Small-Block Mopar – Small-block Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge V-8 engines came in a variety of vehicles since 1964. These powerful, durable engines powered everything from high-performance ‘Cudas and Chargers to torquey Dakotas and Ram trucks. One of the most comprehensive book on small-block Mopar engines ever released, covering 273, 318, 340, and 360-ci LA engines and 5.2 and 5.9L Magnum V-8s. This book describes ways to increase the performance and efficiency of your small-block Mopar engine.

The Mopar Six-Pack Engine Handbook – A step-by-step guide to rebuilding, restoring, and modifying the famous Mopar Six-Pack engines that appeared in all of Chrysler’s muscle cars from 1969 through 1971, as well as the late- model small-blocks and crate performance motors currently offered by Chrysler.

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