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Mopar Club HelpMopar Club Connection Member Images & Text Links:

Members are required to provide a link to the Mopar Club Connection. This link can be a graphic link or a text link supplied by the club connection. You may add this link anywhere on your site.

Mopar Club Connection Member Code (Preferred Option) Add to the HTML part of your page. This option pulls the ring grahic from the server.

Mopar Club Connection Member Graphic links:
Choose the graphic you would like to use below. Then right click on the Mopar Club Connection image and select “Save image as…”  Save it locally to your computer. Then upload graphic to your web page and link it to

Mopar Club Connection – 220 x 60 Logo :

Mopar Club Connection



Mopar Club Connection – 160 x 44 Logo :

Mopar Club Connection



Or you may use a text link:


Mopar Ring Club Connection
( Link To )

(With description)

Mopar Ring Club Connection – An online community of clubs and organizations devoted to all things Mopar. A great resource for locating internet Clubs and Organizations devoted to Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Mopar related vehicles including the adopted brands AMC, Jeep, Eagle etc.
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