Mopar Ring Rules Of The Road:

All member sites must abide by the Mopar Ring rules at all times. Please take the time now to read them . The Ringleader reserves the right to remove or reject any page that in our opinion does not meet the proceeding requirements. Sites can and may be arbitrarily rejected by the Ringleader and submission of the Mopar Ring Application does not guarantee acceptance.

1. Adult Content Rule.

The Mopar Ring is a family safe surfing zone. We do not allow sites with offensive language, violent pictures or text, sexually explicit photos, graphics and or text. This includes your links, Message Boards anything on or linked out of your web site. Also excluded are offensive sites with racial, pro or anti religious sites, or sites spewing other propaganda that we feel is not appropriate for all age viewers.

If your site contains this type of adult content or links your application will not be processed! does not want to censor anyone’s site or change anyone’s creative format! Your application to the ring is your choice. reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any applicant for any reason. Members found with adult content after there site has been approved will be immediately removed from the ring without warning. “Adult Content” is widely open for interpretation. Just remember it is the ringleaders interpretation that counts.

2. Mopar Content Rule.

The Mopar Ring is not a general automotive ring your business, club or personal site must be Mopar related! We only accept sites containing information on Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Dodge Truck’s vehicles or the adopted brands AMC, Jeep, Eagle etc. General automotive sites are not accepted unless your site contains a separate section on mopar vehicles. The ringleader strictly enforces the “Mopar Content” rule.

3. One Membership Per Web Site Rule.

The Mopar Ring only allows ONE membership per web site. There is No Limit on the number of web pages on your site you can place your ring member graphics/links on. The only exceptions to this rule that the ringleader will ever consider granting is when someone has a personal page, and is also the “webmaster” for their club (If the club is clearly a separate entity/website). But this would have to be pre-approved by the ringleader before applying for more than one membership.

4. Business/Commercial Web Site Rule.

The Mopar Ring does accept commercial companies as ring members. We offer an exclusive part’s & services connection listing to Business/Commercial sites offering parts & services to the Mopar community. If your site is a business site you must apply for the part’s & services connection.

5. Business Site Contact Information Rule.

Your Business site must contain some basic contact information, including a mailing address, email address, or phone number. Most businesses join the Mopar Parts And Services Connection to attract new customers, but you’ll have a hard time making a sale if our visitors can’t contact you.

6. Club/Organization Web Site Rule.

The Mopar Ring offers an exclusive club listing to Mopar related club sites. We only accept Club And Organization sites promoting Chrysler, Dodge , Plymouth or Mopar related vehicles or the adopted brands AMC, Jeep, Eagle etc. General automotive Club And Organization sites are not accepted The ringleader strictly enforces this rule. If your site is a Club or Organization site you must apply for the club connection.

7. Selling Automobiles/Parts On Your Personal Site Rule.

The Mopar Ring views any site that is “SELLING” something (Automobiles and/or Parts included) the SAME as “Business/Commercial” Site. It does not matter if this is just a personal page with one or two cars; you are SELLING, therefore will be treated the same, and subject to the same rules, as commercial sites. Selling an occasional Mopar or part is okay as long as is occasional and not done to supplement your income.

8. The Mopar Ring Member Return Link Rule.

All members are required to add a return link to The Mopar Ring. It must be added to your page within 5 days after submitting your application. The return member link must be added before your site can be added to the ring listings & search engine. Your return member link must be maintained at all times or your site may be removed as non working. The ring uses a automated system to check your return members link. Your return members link can be a text link or a graphic link provided by the Mopar Ring. You may place this link anywhere on your site. Only ring approved graphics or text may be used as links. These will be provided upon approval for membership. Removal of your return members link is grounds for your site to be removed from the ring.

9. Under Construction Rule.

To be considered for membership in Mopar Ring your site must have been online for at least 5 days and not Under Construction. While we understand web pages are in a constant state of construction your site must have adequate Mopar Content (Mopar Content Rule) on your page BEFORE applying for acceptance! This is to prevent the Mopar Ring from becoming a ring made up of only “one-pagers” with “under construction” plastered all over them.

10. Copy-Righted Web Page/Content Rule.

The Mopar Ring will not be placed in the middle of any copyright disputes! We have no way of knowing if something actually belongs to you, or if you did or did not give permission (either explicit or implied) to someone else to use your content/work. If you find that someone “stole” or “borrowed” something from you.. please leave the Mopar Ring out of it! We will not get involved in anything that may cause Mopar Ring legal problems. We spend hours each week keeping up the ring because we are die-hard Mopar enthusiasts! If we do hear grumbling about “borrowed content” we do reserve the right to terminate both sites! Rather than get in the middle of it. However, we also reserve the right to do nothing! There are no exceptions to this rule.

The Mopar Ring Reserves The Right to deny application for, or Terminate any site from the Ring, for any reason, at ANY time, WITHOUT notice.

Please choose the type of application you would like to submit:

 I agree to the Mopar Ring Rules, I want to submit a Club/Organization Application.

 I agree to the Mopar Ring Rules, I want to submit a Business/Commercial site Application.

 I agree to the Mopar Ring Rules, I want to submit a Personal site Application.

 I do not agree to the Mopar Ring Rules.