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SMR Transmissions and Converters

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SMR Transmissions and Converters

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SMR TRANSMISSIONS and CONVERTERS specializes in custom built transmissions, converters, adapters, overdrive conversions and related components for Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and AMC only, For cars and trucks for restoration, muscle car, competition, off-road, fuel economy, cruising, racing and special purpose vehicle use.

Member Since: November 17, 2006

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SMR Transmissions and Converters

3030 Concession 8

Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A5

Phone/Contact: Toll free 888-846-6603 (Canada & U.S.A. only) or 905-775-3801 ( International or Local)


Type Of Products Offered: Transmissions, Converters, Valvebodies, Adapter Kits, Overdrive Kits

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